Some people get off on not getting it
February 10, 2012
It’s what you don’t say
February 11, 2012

Sale Ends Sunday

We’ve all been there. We’re walking through the mall, or watching TV, or searching for something online and you come a across a great deal. A deal that is almost certainly too good to be true. You are intrigued;  you inquire about it with a fast talking salesman, and then, crestfallen, you find out that some exclusions may apply. I literally got off the phone about 15 minutes ago with my cell phone company. The voice on the other end informed me that they are giving away free phones this weekend the sale ends Sunday. Unfortunately for us, we are not eligible for the free phone upgrade until Wednesday. I worked in sales briefly  in that time I learned enough to know that was a terrible pitch. The other voice on the phone confirmed what we already knew; that her and  her company are neurotically OCD about rules and participate in shady practices. Cell phone companies lean toward aggressive business models. Like crazy ex’s, they ensure you can’t leave them with your phone and go somewhere else. I don’t like exclusions, contracts, treating new people better than loyal ones. I don’t like price fixing, gimmicks, and add-ons to prevent cross compatibility.  And I don’t like that “Sale Ends Sunday”. There’s this word that I can’t seem to think of that categorizes and describes the business models of cell phone companies. What is it again? You know, I think that might be called a monopoly.

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