It’s what you don’t say
February 11, 2012
People like standards
February 19, 2012

There’s an app for that

Cell phones have become part of our everyday culture. Marketed as devices to bring people together, a life line in times of need, and to the needy as an electronic leash and reference point of accountability, cell phones maneuvered themselves to become a permanent part of  our lives. It seems that whatever you need… “there’s an app for that”.  Urban Spoon is a solution to the the date night fight of where to go. Lerner and Rowe have an app that enables people to sue insurance companies. Even relies on apps that do the work a shadchan (matchmaker) once did. I recently heard that Craftsman has an app to replace garage door remotes. What’s next? A few years back an app was pulled from the market because it networked junkies, drugs and dealers. On the flip side I’ve heard there are apps under development capable of conducting U.A. (That stand s for urine analysis in case, like me, you have never been on probation. ) It seems that some day most of our jobs will become obsolete. I’ve heard rumors some car insurance companies rely on apps to calculate liability,  to calculate the settlement amounts they pay out. Some day an app on your phone will connect you to a single mom in India who will take your order, so Rube Goldberg’s contraption can make your dinner. Some day we will all become obsolete because there will be an app for that and everything else.

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