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February 12, 2012
Six degrees of separation
February 19, 2012

People like standards

Over 200 years ago Henry Ford created a system of standardized parts. He revolutionized manufacturing and created the assembly line. Henry Ford was a pioneer and gave people the tools to mass produce products, leading to cheaper goods available to the masses. This in turn lead to higher standards of living. The innovations of Henry Ford allowed the masses to afford things like cars, washing machines, and a lot of other house hold appliances that were once only obtainable by the rich. It seems in recent years we have gone back 200 years and forgotten that we like standards. Most technology, as ground breaking as it maybe, has become exclusive and company bias. Apple and Microsoft drew there lines in the sand a long time ago and you can only play with one of them at a time. iPods only want to play music from I-tunes. Any other mp3’s you put on your iPod will show up as “unknown artist track 1”. I have about 45 of them on my iPod. Microsoft operating systems have nice little snippets of code that stop you from playing with other companies programs, including open source browsers like Firefox. It’ll work, it just won’t work as well as it could on another operating system. Even today if you try to view and edit a video from a camcorder you  better know if the camcorder is team Edward or team Jacob… or, rather, team Apple or team Microsoft.  Company’s have forgotten that people like standards. If we don’t like people who don’t have standards why do we like products and companies that don’t have standards either.

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