People like standards
February 19, 2012
Getting the A answer
February 23, 2012

Six degrees of separation

People used to say you are only six people away from anyone. The way it works is simple; it’s almost an equation. You take into consideration everyone you know and everyone they know. There are always only 5 between you and anyone else in the world. Facebook relies on this theorem for their suggested friends app. I’ve always wanted to do a social experiment just to see who we could reach. Who would you want to reach if you could? The six degrees of separation is an interesting concept.  Through it we could reach anyone, your favorite teacher, your first love,  a recruiter at that job you always wanted, even Mark Wahlberg. So let’s try it and so who we can reach. Re-post this link or post it to your wall and let’s see who we can reach through the old theorem of six degrees of separtaion.

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