Six degrees of separation
February 19, 2012
I’m not going to lie… I’m a democrat
February 23, 2012

Getting the A answer

I had a teacher back in the day who would grade you on your responses to questions. If you pulled something out of left field and blurted it out without a second thought, he would call you on it. I learned very quickly how to get the A answer. My brother Tim always told me that 80% of life is showing up. Generally speaking, if you show up, do what you are told and actually listen then you should statistically be able to finish the course with a B. There are some courses that don’t necessarily follow this model. Calculus and Statistics come to mind off h . Generally, in those classes you will rely on dumb wit or the kindness of a nerd to get the grade. There are soft classes were this does work, English the arts and humanities and any social science class., etc. The secret to getting the A answer in these classes is to underst the person teaching the class. From lectures, the required readings and their overall tone and disposition regarding the topics they teach, you can generally pick up on their views. If you can underst their purpose, their perspective and the “truth” they are trying to pass on you, you’re golden and the A is in sight. Also, you should take notice that most answers are generally given away in the actual question itself. Teachers very rarely test on bare bones figures, stats, definitions, and theoretical concepts. In most cases the test measures your ability to see the “truth” that they are trying to pass down. It’s not that hard, but if you listen closely, underst the instructor or the theme of the course, have a quick wit and decent memory, you can get the A answer every time.

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