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February 23, 2012
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February 26, 2012

Some people think a kid will seal the deal

This is something I have never understood. People meet and for some reason, whether they get married or not, they think a kid will seal the deal. I had this friend a while back. Her parents met when they very young and went their separate ways. They had families with other people through out the course of their lives. In mid life they rekindled their romance and got back together with all of the children they had acquired from  all of the relationships they had. There were 2 parents and a total of 8 children living happily ever after in a 2 bedroom apartment. I think it’s good to grow up, leave your parents, and start a family with someone you truly love. I also believe that the timeless wisdom and comm ment to “be fruitful and multiply” also came with guidelines and restrictions. No one should ever feel as though they have to procreate with someone to prove their love and commitment. I also think some people need to think about the people they are with, and the kind of relationship they have with their significant other. Just remember what Kayne West said, “She got one of your kids, got you for 18 years”. There are some people you are with for the moment for one reason or another. They are in your life for companionship, for the time being, or just for the holidays. You know it and they know it. So trust me, some people are very wrong when they think a kid will seal the deal.

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  1. Carmen Jones says:

    There is an old saying out there “Follow your heart.” When the decision to have a child feels right to someone they will know it.

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