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February 24, 2012
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February 26, 2012

Baby Showers aren’t just for the girls anymore

Today will mark a total of four baby showers I have attended with my husband. I think it’s cool that women of my generation have decided to bridge rigid gender roles. No longer do you see people conforming to strict rules and guidelines that have been a part of society for so long. It’s nice to see the father with all of his boys enjoying a party to celebrate the birth of a new baby. For years I was certain I would not have a baby shower. I remember going to them throughout my life with my mother. We would be subjected to play strange games almost certainly involving dirty diapers. The whole thing just seemed so strange to me. Maybe it’s because growing up as a half-Chinese woman I leaned more toward our custom of having a red egg and ginger party. A party almost as expensive as the wedding that involves all close friends and family. My gr father decided to invite 400 of his closest friends for mine. I liked that these parties were more formal. People wear suits and give speeches. Most of all I like that they are always co-ed without the idea that the party is simply for the girls. The thing I liked the best is that I would never be subjected to having to do something stupid while blind folded as part of a party game. I like that our society sees parenting just as important for a man as it is for a woman. I like that our generation is breaking down stereotypes  reaching a point of equality. Last year my sister-in-law had a baby and I was glad that her husband’s employer offered him paternity leave. I’m honestly glad we are to a point where baby showers aren’t just for the girls anymore.

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