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February 26, 2012
Being on the hook
March 2, 2012

Everyone has a favorite movie

Some movies are entertaining the first time you see them. Some movies are blockbusters opening week and others flop as soon as they release. Some movies, however, have a power over us. These movies find a special place in your heart. Do you remember when you were a kid? There were always movies you could watch every day and never grow tired of it.Maybe it was a super hero movie, or a Disney movie, or a comedy. Maybe it was a blockbuster or maybe it was a flop. For some reason a movie can appeal to your heart and your sentiment, and remind you of a happier time long ago. Some movies just take you away to a fantasy world you wish you could be a part of. Some movies have characters so intriguing you wish you could meet someone like that IRL. Movies allow people to escape for approximately 90 minutes to another place. Movies were credited with helping people get through the great depression. Movies reflect cultural mindsets. In recent years, Avatar was an aesthetic master piece crafted in many ways as social commentary on pollution, waste and American imperialism. V for Vendetta inspired a whole movement and became the face of the Anonymous movement. Inception challenged the depths of peoples minds. We laugh, we cry, we smile and we sigh when we remember our favorite movies. Everyone has a favorite movie.

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