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February 26, 2012
Everyone has a favorite movie
February 26, 2012

I always pick the wrong check out line

You’ve been there. You walk the aisles of the grocery store to get everything you need. You w er around looking for this and that. If you have small children there will almost certainly be a fight near the toy and c y aisles. Your journey, treacherous and grueling, comes to an end at the check out line. It’s as though you’ve reached the finish line in a mundane weekly relay. And just like me you will almost certainly pick the wrong check out lane. There you are stuck behind someone who goes back and forth about whether or not to pick up the weekly tabloid, if they really need that stick of concealer, or if two bags of chips are just too much. There are the people that will ad match and argue to get the best bargains. There are the people using WIC that have no idea what the rules of the program are. There are the people that fight with their kids over the strategically placed  impulse buy items of c y and toys. So like me, you too probably always pick the wrong check out line.

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