March 2012

The Frey Found God at the Corner of 1st and Amistad

It’s funny how everyone has these moments where everything just sort of falls apart. A moment that will forever change you. Sometimes you hit rock bottom. Sometime where […]

Look the part, act the part, get the part

No matter who you are and what you do, if you’re breathing your probably still dreaming. We dream of relationships, promotions, new jobs and recognition. I […]

You are who you are because of where you are

When I was studying at the University, I came across St point Theory. It’s one of my favorite communication theories. St point Theory states something my […]

24 and Out the Door

There is an old saying of 24 and out door. Well, today I am 24 and I’ll tell you true, I’m here to stay. I’ve done […]

Can We Pretend that Gun Shots the in Night Sky are Just Fireworks???

Have you ever found yourself living in a scary part of town? It happens to the best of us. Maybe you just moved to a new […]

Wall v. Timeline – Poll

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No One Likes a Hoax

Keith Olberman got fired twice from MSNBC. Once to make the lead story in the New York Times, and once because he was actually fired by them. Kim […]

Best Friends in Business

Maybe you like Eminem and thought the D-12 album would be good too. Maybe you like DMX and thought Ruff Riders would be good as well. […]

Just bought some traveling pants sisterhood style

Have you ever owned jeans with magical properties? They may have the ability to morph into just what you need from them. They may be a […]