Being on the hook
March 2, 2012
Manic Monday
March 2, 2012

The Clutter

Most of us all have too much stuff. We treasure utterly useless things and refuse to part with them. The clutter collects and we find r om places to hide it. Drawers are a favorite for most people. You never know what you will find in your mother’s kitchen drawer. I saw my mother this week and went look for a lithium battery and extra birth control in her kitchen drawer. I didn’t find either, but if those items would have been anywhere, it would be in my mother’s kitchen drawer. Some people keep things because they are sentimental. I have most of the cards people have ever given me. I actually framed a collage, made scrapbook style, of most of my wedding cards. Some people, like my husband, keep things that seemingly have a practical purpose, although in most cases that practicality has yet to be proven. At one point not so long ago, my kitchen looked as though I had robbed Starbucks. There were stacks of cups, lids, straws, you name it. I may have also even had napkins. It made perfect sense to me. Water is free and usually comes with ice as well, from anywhere if only you had a cup. So I made it a point to always have a cup. Then in realization of all my ghetto fabulousness, I ditched the cups and forked out like $15 to buy the official Starbucks reusable cup. It serves a purpose but it leaks and I miss my old collection of disposables. So whatever it is, chances are that you too have some clutter that you simply cannot part with.

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