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March 3, 2012
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The other “S” word

I’m just going to say it, Socialism. It’s that other “S” word and it’s enough to give most people the heebie-jeebies. If you ever want to scare us red-blooded Americans, just start throwing that word around. I know this is old news, but the Republican Primaries brought the health care debate back to life. As far as most freedom loving, gun toting, say-what-we-want-without-recourse Americans are concerned, the very thought of Socialism is usually enough to rile up the crowd. If you ever want the public to turn on an idea just call it socialized. Republicans employed this trick to water down health care reform, which in the bare bones basics should have only ever hurt the profit margins of insurance companies. As a licensed health and life insurance agent, I’m sorry to say is a terrible profession. Agents are paid based on the ratio of premiums paid to costs spent. Needless to say, you will screw yourself out of your bonus and commission if you run around offering health care to the people who actually need it.

We Americans pride ourselves in our military. There are the good old boys in the red white and blue and they are likely hometown heroes in their communities. I’m sorry to let the cat out of the bag, but this system is completely socialist. You take a test when you join; it’s called the ASVAB. Depending on the strengths you show on that test, as well as your skills in training will determine what job you do. Also, if you are in the Military health care and education are free. I’ve been to the medical facilities on base and I’ve never seen people in need of care and denied it. Prescriptions are usually under $10. There is also rationing of services meaning to keep costs down they don’t x-ray everyone with a cough.  I went to a regular doctor twice this year for a cough and both insisted on x-raying me because between my co-pay and the part the insurance covers, the bill just wasn’t high enough for their fancy.

I’m not saying we should conform to all ideas of socialism. I’m glad we have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, the right to bear arms and the right to pursue any dream we can dream. All I’m saying is that a free, more efficient system of health care like the military has is both possible and probable. And a stronger, cheaper, more competitive higher education system is also a good thing.

If you have a child tomorrow and choose to be responsible and start a 529 college savings fund they will show you a 7% yearly inflation rate projection for what it will cost to get your child through school. Regular economic inflation is not that high, yet… Interest paid on a savings accounts is aproximately .01%. Meaning if you put your money in one of the good old accounts, the kind that are still insured against loss in the event your company is only as ethical as AIG, you are at a 6.9% loss every year stay with them. A free education system with options for private schools isn’t such a bad thing when you look at stats like that.

Socialism. It’s that other “S” word and I don’t necessarily think it’s that bad.

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  1. Daniel says:

    I would argue the military’s health care is more like an employee’s health care program if Dr’s weren’t able to be sued for anything and everything. Military medical facilities actually have more personnel and equipment per patient then most civilian facilities. the main difference is the military Dr’s don’t have to worry about being sued so they prescribe what they need to heal you not what they need to cover their ass based on case law and prior law suites like civilian doctors do.

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