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March 4, 2012
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March 9, 2012

Getting Married Changes You

I dated my husband for 5 years before we tied the knot. We got married last June. We moved into our apartment with all the wonderful gifts our friends and family had given us. The problem was that it did quite feel like home at first. We decorated everything together. Our apartment definitely looked like we lived there, but it took a while for it to feel like home. Before I got married I had lived in one house all of my life. I had never moved. I didn’t know the first thing about moving, to be honest. But thankfully my husband was there, with a lot of great friends and family to help things run smoothly. It wasn’t until we got our little dog Toby that it really started to feel like we were a family. We had been together so long, I felt like he was part of my family, but it didn’t feel like us on our own were a family. Toby changed us. The holidays were soon approaching and things became really real, really fast. I felt like Martha Stewart herself when I made a Turkey on Christmas day. We bought a pointsettia and a wreath, put up the Christmas tree, and bought gifts for our family. With our little dog too, I felt as though we were really a family.

Getting married changes you. It changes your perceptions about things. It changes your desires. My church encourages us to join neighborhood bible studies. For the longest time I was skeptical about it. I viewed it as a place were you hang out with strangers and become indoctrinated or something. For some reason, once we were married I felt like we should go to a neighborhood group, meet other married people, people with kids, and start a new chapter. I have this strange desire to be more responsible  work towards being a better person. I want to grow with God, and work on myself,  so that some day we can be as great as parents as we had. I don’t know why but getting married changes you.

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  1. Ann W Boyette says:

    It’s all about growing up and creating your own identity as a person and a couple. Being you, not what’s expected but who you are. I’m very proud of how all you “kids” have turned out and love all of you very much.

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