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May 25, 2012
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June 12, 2012

CDC reports “No Zombie Apocalypse”

So a good friend of ours brought up all of the recent news stories of cannibalism. Things have been so bad that the CDC announced “There is no zombie apocalypse.” There was the naked man in Florida who ate another naked mans’ face, a man in college who ate his roommates brain and heart, and the serial killer in Canada. Some of these bizarre crimes were linked to the ever hated drug “bath salts.” Bath salts is sold at head shops as a legal substitute for cocaine  meth. I feel like when people were just doing cocaine and meth we had less problems than we do now with the legal alternatives. Demi Moore made the news when she was hospitalized due to use of Spice – a legal marijuana alternative made from catnip sprayed with chemicals. I’m sorry to say, but I think that’s when they knew the marriage wouldn’t work. It seems like if you can’t do the same drugs as one another your new husband may just be too young. It’s strange that we would live in a culture where the OTC drugs are more dangerous than the illegal ones. It says a lot about our culture. While technology is good, who in there right mind would invest in creating legal drug substitutes. It seems like the people creating this stuff aren’t coming out of Midwestern University’s Pharmacological program. Instead they are graduates of the Hell’s Angel program for becoming a “made man”. Who knows, maybe big pharma is behind it all to create a zombie apocalypse and then produce the only cure. Or maybe I was just thinking of the Resident Evil movies.

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  1. marntzu says:

    Unfortunately, Drug regulations operate on a slow moving process where it takes months if not years to change or add a regulation. chemicals like bath salts which are home manufactured legal drugs aren’t regulated yet as there was no law against them and it did not fall under the FDA’s regulatory authority as it did not treat anything. It’s a gap that opens from time to time and this time the consequences have been far worse then normal. Look into how many heart attacks bath salts has caused.

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