March 2013

Hearing God

It seems for me when I’m down on my luck I have no problem hearing God or knowing what I am supposed to be doing. When […]

Getting Older

People say that there is nothing fun about getting older. I disagree. I partied in high school, did some crazy stuff, went to college got a […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

Next week I turn 25. From everyone I’ve talked to, 25 is a big deal. Apparently on the day I turn 25 I will wake up […]

Learning To Fail

My generation is lovingly referred to as the support ribbon generation. When we grew up the hot topic was self-esteem. Psychologist back in the day, were […]

Coming to Age In The Great Recession

I remember stories about my gr mother.  Everyone always teased her for being frugal. At a restaurant she would take extra napkins, bread and anything else […]

Connectivity And The Social Disconnect

This was one of my favorite topics as an undergraduate. In the digital age we are so focused on being connected to our friends. We have […]

The Fighter

My church is doing a series about the fighter. It’s all about overcoming adversity and the strength of the person within it’s great to know that […]