The Great Debate ~ Russell Pearce
September 20, 2014
September 23, 2014


I almost cringe just typing the word on my laptop. I am one of the lucky ones that married her high school sweetheart. Statistically speaking, we never should have made it down the aisle; yet alone been together for almost 1/3 of my life. Yep next year on my 27th birthday we will have been together for 9 years and 2 days. Scary right? People always call us newlyweds and dote over our affection towards one another. I was fortunate to marry a stand up guy that I know I can count on in the good times and bad.

I think if you want to fall in love it’s better to experience it young; in college or even, in our case, as young as high school. But, on the flip side people should wait at least 3-4 years to get married. You should really know someone, have graduated, and be in a place where you can start your life. It’s easy to meet people when you are in school. I ended up in classes with the same people every semester. It’s less intimidating to date when you’re in the school setting because essentially everyone is in the same boat. You may care about the car he drives but even a hooptie is acceptable if he’s eating top ramen every night to take you to a nice restaurant because you see potential in him.

I think people have gotten so socially awkward and blunt from the texting and twitter revolution that the hook up culture has over taken the traditional institutions of dating and marriage. The story usually goes like this: there is this guy/ gal I’m interested in and I don’t know if I like them like that yet so we’re just going to see where it goes. I can tell you from experience if you aren’t even sure you like them, you’re with the wrong person. Most people I know that married young and quickly are now divorced. I actually know people that in the time I’ve been with my husband have dated, married, divorced, dated someone else and remarried. In college we called that a serial monogamist.

But why is the millennial generation less inclined to say “I do” and stay married? I guess it’s easy to blame helicopter parents who over indulge us with technology and material possessions to the point that we consider growing up a deliberate choice to be poor. It seems like my generation has no concept of responsibility. It’s hard to make a marriage work and maybe texting has completely ruined all of our social skills to the point we don’t make eye contact when someone is talking to us. As you may know, kissing most certainly starts with eye contact. Relationships at their most basic level involve kissing a friend. If you are kissing a stranger in a bar you are part of the hook up culture and have certainly failed to look for a meaningful connection in your phil ering. So that’s where it starts and ends it’s like the video says: look up from the phone.

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