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October 4, 2014
March 19, 2015

21 Things I wish I knew at 21

blogpic211.) Pick a real major- I majored in communication. My degree and a class C drivers license and I am certified to drive a cab.

2.) Don’t rush into marriage- Don’t get me wrong I will never regret marrying the love of my life. But, I wish I didn’t rush into things.

3.) Take grad school entrance exams- I wish I would’ve completed the GRE while I still remembered how to do math.

4.) Don’t feel rushed to start your life- I went to more baby showers and weddings in college than I do now 3 years later. I felt left behind in the whole mess and was too eager  to grow up.

5.) Do internships even if they aren’t paid- I was so focused on finding a career I missed out on exposure to the jobs I wanted the most.

6.) Join a club- I wish I would’ve been more involved in campus life. When it’s over you miss it!

7.) Make time for good friends- It’s a lot harder to maintain friendships once you graduate and start your life.

8.) Think about what matters most to you- If I could do it all over again I’d major in teaching. You’ll miss having summers off in corporate America.

9.) Take advantage of travel opportunities- It’s much cheaper to travel as a student

10.) Don’t take out loans for housing- Average cost of living can add 25K to an already high student loan balance. Stick to federal loans to cover tuition if you can’t get scholarships.

11.) Think about the type of job you want and do internships in that area- most jobs are not what you think they’ll be. Spend time in the industry before you commit.

12.) Take Summers off- I was so focused on graduating I let my class load over whelm me at times.

13.) Say Yes- I missed out on a lot of socializing and networking because I was a commuting student and a 45 min drive didn’t seem worth it at the time.

14.) Go to Football Games- I can say that I’ve never been to a single sporting event at either college I attended. I missed out on the excitement and comradery .

15.)  Go for a teaching assistant or research assistant position- I wish I would have worked part time in my discipline when I had the opportunity.

16.) Keep Working out- I stopped working out my last semester. I was balancing school, work, and planning my wedding. Big mistake missing the gym. I almost didn’t fit into my dress on the big day.

17.) Avoid Junk Food- I use to diet like a lunatic. I’d run 4 miles, smoke a cigarette, grab a burger and hit the books. Then I wondered why I fell asleep reading. I didn’t know how to take care of my body and function at optimal performance.

18.) Maintain relationships out side of academics- I can tell you from experience that college is not easy. You can get swept away searching for peer reviewed articles at all hours of the night. Don’t forget to call your mom or your bestie from high school.

19.) Savor the time- You’ll do more reading in college than any other time in your life, enjoy sitting at star bucks and exposing your horizons.

20.) Don’t lose your soul- Lot’s of people criticize colleges for having a liberal agenda. If you are a person of faith don’t forget to take care of your spiritual side. Even though it’s hard if you are away from your usual church.

21.) Take pictures- You’ll want to remember your favorite peers and 20 years from now; you’ll have great material for #ThrowBackThursday


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