September 2015

Five Characteristics of Millennial Power Couples

We choose success over comfort: You make sacrifices so you can have a better future. That may mean you forgo your honeymoon to get into a […]

Relationship Over Religion

I believe there are lots of lost people out there trying to find their way. Religion teaches rules and conformity. Relationship is a completely different way […]

Perfect Love- The story of Ruth and Naomi

The book of Ruth in the Bible is only four chapters but it teaches us so much. In the story Naomi is a Jewish woman married […]

God Given Abilities and Gifts of the Spirit

This blog is based off of a message Mark Moore presented in One11 about the gifts of the spirit. There are about 20 gifts all together […]

Using Your Abilities for God

Today at One11 we had a networking opportunity to talk to people that work in industries we would like to get into. We do this about […]

Jesus is Greater than Religion

My bible study is reading “Jesus is greater than Religion” by Jefferson Bethke. It’s a great book, whether you are a seasoned Christian or just finding […]

Christianity and Social Injustice

I was at my young adults’ group (One11) today and they brought up the topic of social injustice. This can be a very polarizing issue for […]