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October 20, 2015
November 4, 2015

Antibiotic Resistant Infections

germs 1I read an article today that states, “by 2050 75million people could be effected by antibiotic resistant Tuberculosis”1. I read another article that states, currently, hospitals are seeing the first waves of antibiotic resistant Gonorrhea2. It’s just a matter of time before most bacterial illnesses stop responding to antibiotics at all. Very soon we will be living in a day when antibiotics simply don’t work. Some may ask, what happened? There isn’t just one culprit to the problem but rather, contributing industries.

First, my generation of Millennials fell victim to helicopter parenting. Most of us simply suffering from allergies, colds and the flu where pumped full of antibiotics by doctors until they stopped working, on the things they actually treat. I personally, am penicillin resistant, so if I need an antibiotic the go to amoxicillin won’t work for me. I have a friend who is so resistant to antibiotics she has to start with a Z-Pak as her first line of treatment.

The second contributing factor is agriculture, specifically livestock. Many Americans don’t know or care to know, the conditions in which our food is produced. In many farms that produce poultry, beef, and pork the animals are crammed into barns shoulder to shoulder, living in their own waste, unable to turn around, or really move at all. Because of these conditions, farmers pump the animals full of antibiotics simply to keep them alive. It’s gross but it’s a reality when organic is rejected by the majority of Americans. Agricultural farms have to deal with high dem . Their goals are profits at all cost. The industry got creative to keep profits high and stay on top of dem . Animals are routinely pumped full of growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids, to produce bigger animals yielding more money at time of sale.

When antibiotics are over prescribed and pumped into the food supply it’s no surprise that their effectiveness would wane. I’ve seen doctors in recent years pull back on antibiotic prescribing. You pretty much have to be wheezing and cough up green mucous during your appointment to get a prescription for antibiotics these days. What’s equally sad and scary is that it might actually be easier to get a prescription for promethazine (the active ingredient in lean) than antibiotics now. (1) (2)


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