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January 31, 2016
Feel the Bern
February 15, 2016

Bernie VS. Hillary

democtratic partuWho is the stronger candidate for the party? The democratic primaries are currently underway. So far, the front runners are almost even. Before, candidates were chosen based on their ability to appeal to the base then pivot to the middle and attract the swing vote. In 2008, Obama proved elections can be won by inspiring people who usually don’t vote to come out in favor of a cause. He won the presidency twice on the promise that “Yes, we can _______”. He ended the dark days of the term ‘un-insurable’ and pushed through lots of reforms.

Bernie Sanders has the same ability Obama had to inspire people who don’t normally vote, to come out and have their voice heard. Clinton is more moderate and has never once been called a socialist. With the rise of the Tea Party, we see that politics in this country have shifted. People are scared. Politics are polarized. America has changed. If you’ve ever taken a poly-sci course you know Republicans win when turnout is low and Democrats win when the turnout is high. I personally want to stay out of politics for the most part (it causes me to lose friends sometimes).

It’s an interesting conundrum though; on one h and you have a woman who, 4 years ago, beat every other republican in Gallup Polls. On the other, you have a man who seems to have an energy that can actually bring people to the polls. Given that the election is 9 months away, it seems that this could be the year of the outsiders. On the right, you have Trump; people didn’t take him seriously when his campaign started. With the election in just a few months, he has held on to his spot at the forefront. Similarly, Bernie was also not seen as a serious candidate. He held office in Vermont as an Independent and is a self proclaimed quasi-socialist.

The election of 2016 will be the election of the outsider if Sanders and Trump get the nominations to represent their parties. It would be a historic election that would make Citizens United essentially irrelevant. Both Sanders and Trump claim to fund their campaigns honestly. Sanders claims to have no super pac and Trump claims to be self funded. Both of these men have the same charisma that Obama had to inspire the people to feel as though they have a voice again. In 2008, Obama’s campaign was largely funded by individual donations ranging from $5.00-$100.00. Political parties in this country have changed. This isn’t a new thing. In the early years of America we saw the rise and fall of the Federalist Party, Democratic-Republican Party, and even a short lived Anti-Masonic Party. The rise and fall of political parties is nothing new. It’s just a sign that ideas, attitudes and political appeal is a fluid thing, constantly in flux.

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