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August 16, 2016
C & E Christians
April 17, 2017

Addiction explained by YouTube Videos

weight of the world picAddiction hurts families. It doesn’t matter if you are a user or bystander, drug addiction hurts everyone. I know it can be hard to bridge the gap. Users and the ones that love them have trouble understanding each other’s feelings and struggles. Someone without drug experience can’t fathom the appeal. While, someone trying to get clean can’t explain the overpowering feelings of withdraw. Drugs change people. Heavy drug use changes your brain chemistry. Many people will have lasting effects to their cognitive, emotional, and psychological processes. Drug induced psychosis is just one of many dangers like heart attack and stroke.



Phase one: Initiation

Mike Posner- I took a pill in Ibiza (Seeb Remix)

Phase two: Denial

Amy Winehouse – Rehab (featuring Jay-Z)

Phase three: Acceptance

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis Other Side

Phase 4: Regret:

It’s been a while stain

Phase 5: Recovery
Pink Just like Fire

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