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April 17, 2017
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January 26, 2018

Misinformation Age

It seems we are immersed in information. As a millennial I’ve grown up immersed in technology. I was a toddler in the 90’s I remember DOS, Mackintosh, and Windows 95. I’ve been there from floppy disks to flash drives to the cloud. I’m from a generation in the midst of the divide between those that know tech and everyone else. It’s hard to imagine a time when you couldn’t ask Alexa, Siri or Cortana anything you needed to know. I’ll sometimes tease my tech genius of a husband “Can we just have a conversation without fact checking?” I’m probably just as guilty of that as he is (shh… don’t tell him I copped to that one, he might read this.)

Historically, information was hard to come by. Before governments cared about  literacy standards,  the average person in their whole life knew about as much information as in the Sunday edition of a newspaper.  Fast forward to today. Magazines and newspapers don’t have the luxury to vet every story. In our 24 hour news cycle we’ve traded being right for being first. We can find out anything we want. You Tube is the new lecture hall. It comes with the good and the bad. We can log on to watch the Ice-Bucket Challenge the biggest fundraiser for ALS or on the flip side we can watch people eating Tide pods.

Today’s children get iPads at the age when we got bikes. They are the AO (always on) generation. Typing class replaced cursive class, Khan Academy replaced the need for tutors, and Wikipedia is the only encyclopedia they’ve ever heard of.

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