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February 27, 2018
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Coding: the new language of the educated


The Past:

In every era, language has both united us and divided us. Throughout history, indigenous languages were lost as nation conquered nations. We saw this in the United States with Native Americans. When American settlers came here they were outnumbered significantly. Two factors that allowed for the British colonization were a lack of a national language and firearms.

The Present:

Currently, English is the most widely used international language. In other countries, foreign language is a high school graduation requirement. It’s common for foreigners to be bi-lingual even tri-lingual. American schools do not have any national education standards. Even if our government wanted to implement bi-lingual standards, states rights would stop any meaningful legislation from passing.

Artificial Intelligence:

Technology has advanced so much with Watson. He is a famous AI, and he’s been a contestant on Jeopardy. He wrote the song “Not Easy” preformed by Alex Da Kid, and works a lot in hospital and clinical settings.

Another AI named Sophia has been granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia. She has more rights than Saudi women. Soon, there will be more jobs for AI’s than for actual people. Kiosks already replace cashiers, automated answering machines provide customer service, and most banking is now done with apps.

The Global Scale:

China is an interesting country. Throughout history they have repeatedly lead the way in technological advancements and trade before walling themselves off. They literally built a wall that can be seen from space. I guess that’s why Donald Trump wants one too. Chinese foreign investors are propping up our economy by buying bonds. American consumerism in turn fuels their economy of selling goods made by slave and prison labor. People that are fluent in Chinese and English can make upwards of a dollar a word for translating business agreements and legal documents.

Emerging Labor Markets:

Very soon the world will be divided into those who can read and write code and everyone else. The Millennials have grown up with tech. From playing Reader Rabbit on a Mackintosh in Kindergarten to custom coding our MySpace pages, tech is just part of our lives. Computers have revolutionized industry as we know it; from barcodes, to RFID chips, to BitCoins (online crypto currency). The world has changed more in the past 30 years than it did from the previous 100. Are you ready?

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