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July 6, 2020
October 22, 2020

Barbie Girl Daughters

In a society that has fought hard for women’s lib, we still don’t treat boys and girls the same when it comes to their most formative years. When we should be pushing STEM on both genders, often times girls get left out of the conversation. When both genders should know basic life skills like budgeting, home economics, and self defense these classes are mostly segregated into almost all girls or almost all boys based on stereotypes.

It’s sad that thanks to Netflix, more little girls are interested in attending a community college in New Mexico to be a Navarro cheerleader like Gabby than attending an Ivy League Law school to follow in the foot steps of the late and great Notorious RGB, a woman who fought for rights they probably take for granted. I too was unaware of gender discrimination especially in banking. It wasn’t until very recently that women could open a checking account, apply for a loan, or get a credit card with a bank without a male co-signer. 

We put a lot of pressure on girls to look a certain way, dress a certain way, and act a certain way; to get a good husband and have a good future. While marriage is a wonderful thing, young girls shouldn’t be in a hurry to settle down. They certainly shouldn’t be pushed by their parents to conform to an idea of femininity. It’s hard enough with social media and unrealistic standards of beauty propagated at us constantly. Be sexy but not slutty. Be smart but not a know it all. Be fun and serious. Whatever you do, don’t be bossy. 

It’s no wonder that Gen Z is lost. They are, as a generation, sad, depressed, anxious, uncertain, scared, and deeply troubled. Suicides, hospitalizations, and self harm among middle schoolers is up 300% from past generations (according to The Social Dilemma). Culture has changed. Society has changed. And we are at a cross roads in this country. We need to think very carefully about what we teach our children to value. As the Bible so eloquently states “Charm is deceptive  and beauty is fleeting.” To all high school girls: when picking a college, care more about going somewhere to get a B.S. than going somewhere to get an Mrs.


  1. Carmen Jones says:

    Love your writing Katherine. Very creative.

  2. Lora Jones says:

    Very well said! I enjoyed reading this. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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