October 22, 2020
‘Tis The Season of COVID Depression
November 25, 2020

Why submitting to your husband is a lot like dancing.

Ephesians 5:22-33 says wives submit to your husbands and husbands love your wives as yourselves just as Christ loves the church even in dying for her. This passage is problematic for a lot of reasons. For one, if you don’t read all of it, it can sound kind of chauvinistic and anti women’s lib.

One of my favorite songs is “Life’s a dance you learn as you go.” I even think my husband and mother-in-law actually danced to it at our wedding in 2011. I like this song because it’s so true. My husband and I pride ourselves in being life-long learners. We are constantly pursuing new passions. Challenging ourselves and one another.

If you have ever slow danced, even if you are not very good you know that it’s the man’s job to lead. There’s a joke that goes who’s the better dancer a man or a woman? It’s the woman because she has to do everything backwards and in high heels. Isn’t that true? My God, being a woman is hard!

Being able to command a dance floor takes teamwork, just like marriage. The cool thing is, if couples trust each other, the way they dance together is the ultimate public sign of affection. The way she lays her head on his chest tells you she feels safe in his arms. The way he moves with assertion tells everyone he knows what he’s doing. The way he twirls her shows how they love to have fun. The way they dip shows the strength and trust in their relationship. The way he sweeps her off her feet shows the romance and the passion.

If I would have to explain the leader ship hierarchy I would describe it as a chain of command. I would say that God is the leader, the pastor follows him, the church follows the pastor, the husband follows the church, the wife follows the husband, the children follow the wife and everyone is headed to heaven. Also, in Mark 3:25 it says a house divided cannot stand. Think of it like the military. Everyone has a role, everyone knows their place, everyone is equally important to completing the mission. I think it’s time to unify our families and the church, we’re all going to the same place so why don’t we just all walk together.

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