Rx: Would You Rather

The Disorder Pharmaceutical companies want you to believe everything is a disorder and treatable with their drugs. Are you tired and gaining weight this winter? You […]

The Bots Are Taking Over

Everywhere I go I see people being replaced by technology. I was in the car tonight with my husband trying to get somewhere we’d never been. […]

CDC reports “No Zombie Apocalypse”

So a good friend of ours brought up all of the recent news stories of cannibalism. Things have been so bad that the CDC announced “There is […]

No One Likes a Hoax

Keith Olberman got fired twice from MSNBC. Once to make the lead story in the New York Times, and once because he was actually fired by them. Kim […]

Your right hand may not know what your left hand is doing.

This is a true story. So one day when my husband and I were dating, we borrowed my father’s truck to go to the lake. We […]

Lying to get your way

If you think back to when you were in Kindergarten, you will remember people telling you all sorts of things that were untrue. Maybe it was […]

The other “S” word

I’m just going to say it, Socialism. It’s that other “S” word and it’s enough to give most people the heebie-jeebies. If you ever want to […]

Manic Monday

Written in the 80’s by The Bangles, Manic Monday was a hit and became a cult classic. While the song itself is way too 80’s hair […]

People like standards

Over 200 years ago Henry Ford created a system of standardized parts. He revolutionized manufacturing and created the assembly line. Henry Ford was a pioneer and gave people […]