Connectivity And The Social Disconnect

This was one of my favorite topics as an undergraduate. In the digital age we are so focused on being connected to our friends. We have […]

The Fighter

My church is doing a series about the fighter. It’s all about overcoming adversity and the strength of the person within it’s great to know that […]

The Epitaph

The epitaph is read at a funeral honoring the deceased. It is a summary of life accomplishments for someone who has gone to the afterlife. It’s […]

Unreasonable Expectations

There once was a lock smith. He lost his business in a fire. He would roam from town to town looking for work. He was wayward […]

What color is your letter?

Everyone has a letter. If you talk to people you will learn what letter they carry. For some people it’s a “M” mom or a “T” […]

Who’s Writing Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you know it or not you are part of a story. There is an idea in philosophy called Tabula […]

Valentine’s Day Adventure

(To the left is a picture of me from our trip today) So me and my husband decided to do something different this year. We skipped all the traditional lovey […]

The Bots Are Taking Over

Everywhere I go I see people being replaced by technology. I was in the car tonight with my husband trying to get somewhere we’d never been. […]

Religion Versus Relationship

So, on the outside this seems like a frivolous debate but I think it has merit. There are all sorts of religions out there. Likewise there […]