Man’s Bestfriend

The picture to the left is a personal picture of my dog. He is in fact actually a real, living, breathing dog. I know by the […]

Your Rights

***DISCLAIMER*** Now, there are all sorts of viewpoints out there; Some lean left, some lean right. I am not here to sway you one way or […]

The 2nd Amendment and the NRA Fallacy

“The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a Gun”-LaPierre, VP for the NRA Like many people, […]

The Day George Bailey Died – The Housing Bubble – What really went wrong

The Housing Bubble- What really went wrong So where did it go wrong? Everything looked great. Homes were assets untouched by depreciation. Unlike a car that […]

Twighlight V.s. Harry Potter -Who’s the Greatest Nerd Writter of All time Part II (Low Brow)

If we are talking about the present, the answer’s got to be either J.K Rowling or Stephanie Myer. They are both credited with inspiring children to […]

Who’s the greatest writer of all time? Part I (The High Brow Answer)

So who is the greatest writer of all time? Is it Shakespeare? Maybe. His work was revolutionary for the time. His plays were preformed by people […]

I want to know your name

Hello World- the famous words written on my Blog when it was nothing but a word press platform. I think it’s fitting given what I’m thinking […]

The Vetted Spouse

Turn on the news and what do you hear? How did this happen? Where did they go wrong? Well (it), (they) or (them) were not properly […]

Reliably Red ?- Arizona the next swing state

Arizona is a unique state. Once part of the wild west, things happen differently around here. Most people you meet are not natives of our state. […]