No One Likes a Hoax

Keith Olberman got fired twice from MSNBC. Once to make the lead story in the New York Times, and once because he was actually fired by them. Kim […]

Best Friends in Business

Maybe you like Eminem and thought the D-12 album would be good too. Maybe you like DMX and thought Ruff Riders would be good as well. […]

Just bought some traveling pants sisterhood style

Have you ever owned jeans with magical properties? They may have the ability to morph into just what you need from them. They may be a […]

Your right hand may not know what your left hand is doing.

This is a true story. So one day when my husband and I were dating, we borrowed my father’s truck to go to the lake. We […]


We all have them. Maybe it’s when your beautiful new shoes turn out to be torture chambers. Maybe it’s when a hot new restaurant turns out to be […]

Officially a clutz

So, I am probably the least coordinated person alive, (physically not stylistically). I have fallen down walking and broken my ankle. I have made 2 one-in-a-million […]

People Will Surprise You

If you have ever known someone for an extended period of time, sooner or later you will find something out about them that surprises you. We […]

Making time for what matters

If you’ve ever been married, then chances are that you know that hearing and listening are two completely separate activities. We hear all sorts of things […]

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is this weekend. In my ethnic array, which some people call Heinz 57, I have a little Irish Heritage. Like most Americans, I […]