Lying to get your way

If you think back to when you were in Kindergarten, you will remember people telling you all sorts of things that were untrue. Maybe it was […]

An ode to working

To the fed up screamers, day dreamers, and ponzi schemers: If you run a hustle, sew a bustle, or build a trestle, Someday the work will […]

Your dog may be smarter than you

I think it’s funny that dogs, like mine, that don’t speak English, with no thumbs, that have never ventured outside of  a porch without supervision, could […]

No New Ideas

So I went to the wrong restaurant tonight. It’s a Greek place by my house. I went in because I was in the area and I […]

The beauty in photography

Someone once said the only way to truly capture the beauty of one person is to see them through another person’s eyes. This is the basis […]

RAK – Random Act of Kindness

So I was driving home from work today, venting about my day. It seems as though no matter what you do, or where you work, there […]

Repeat Fights

Have you ever been arguing about something with someone and suddenly got the feeling of Déjà Vu? It’s probably because you have had the same fight […]

Corporate Change

When I was very young my father taught me different principles of business.  The most important one he taught me was a parable about a ship. […]

Customer Service 101

Back in the day when I was competing in Forensics, one of my coaches made us cheer before meets. She was the smartest retired cheer leader […]