2/3 rule

So whenever you approach a group of people to share an idea, sell a product, or get a vote, the best you can hope for is […]

Math ≠ Art

So, if math is a science and science is an art, one may think that math is an art. But this is completely wrong. Chances are […]

Life Happens

Do you ever find yourself stopping to take a look around and wonder how you got to where you are now? Sometimes it’s easy to draw […]

Getting Married Changes You

I dated my husband for 5 years before we tied the knot. We got married last June. We moved into our apartment with all the wonderful gifts our […]

The other “S” word

I’m just going to say it, Socialism. It’s that other “S” word and it’s enough to give most people the heebie-jeebies. If you ever want to […]

I remember why I used to be thin

Most people’s weight will fluctuate for various reasons. Some people’s weight fluctuates with the season. Winter is usually a +15 pounds , if you are lucky, […]

Manic Monday

Written in the 80’s by The Bangles, Manic Monday was a hit and became a cult classic. While the song itself is way too 80’s hair […]

The Clutter

Most of us all have too much stuff. We treasure utterly useless things and refuse to part with them. The clutter collects and we find r […]

Being on the hook

So I was watching “How I met your mother” last night. I had never seen any episodes until a month ago when it was on at […]