Everyone has a favorite movie

Some movies are entertaining the first time you see them. Some movies are blockbusters opening week and others flop as soon as they release. Some movies, […]

I always pick the wrong check out line

You’ve been there. You walk the aisles of the grocery store to get everything you need. You w er around looking for this and that. If […]

Baby Showers aren’t just for the girls anymore

Today will mark a total of four baby showers I have attended with my husband. I think it’s cool that women of my generation have decided […]

Some people think a kid will seal the deal

This is something I have never understood. People meet and for some reason, whether they get married or not, they think a kid will seal the […]

I’m not going to lie… I’m a democrat

So I love watching the Republican primary debates. I’m not going to lie… I’m a democrat, so I take it in with a grain of salt […]

Getting the A answer

I had a teacher back in the day who would grade you on your responses to questions. If you pulled something out of left field and […]

Six degrees of separation

People used to say you are only six people away from anyone. The way it works is simple; it’s almost an equation. You take into consideration everyone […]

People like standards

Over 200 years ago Henry Ford created a system of standardized parts. He revolutionized manufacturing and created the assembly line. Henry Ford was a pioneer and gave people […]

There’s an app for that

Cell phones have become part of our everyday culture. Marketed as devices to bring people together, a life line in times of need, and to the […]