God Given Abilities and Gifts of the Spirit

This blog is based off of a message Mark Moore presented in One11 about the gifts of the spirit. There are about 20 gifts all together […]

Using Your Abilities for God

Today at One11 we had a networking opportunity to talk to people that work in industries we would like to get into. We do this about […]

Jesus is Greater than Religion

My bible study is reading “Jesus is greater than Religion” by Jefferson Bethke. It’s a great book, whether you are a seasoned Christian or just finding […]

Christianity and Social Injustice

I was at my young adults’ group (One11) today and they brought up the topic of social injustice. This can be a very polarizing issue for […]

Unanswered Prayers

It’s true that God works in mysterious ways. In 2012 I really started to take this whole “being a Christian thing” seriously. I bought a prayer/devotional […]

Understanding the SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that all 50 states must now recognize same sex marriages. Many religious organizations are out raged. Some religious people see this […]


Today marks a l mark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States: the affordable care act is now here to stay. Health care is […]


What is beauty? I would argue that beauty can be seen in the complexity of life. Even in our darkest hour we see humanity through tragedy. […]

Ideas are Bulletproof

I was watching Vice on HBO last week. They covered a story about the war in Afghanistan. Even though America has had a presence there since […]