Losing Beau Biden and Re-engineering Viruses to Kill Cancer

Since the passing of Beau Biden on May 30th, I’ve seen countless articles regarding all types of new cancer treatments. . Recently, VICE on HBO and […]

Universal Fears Among Women

CNN posted an article about universal fears among women. The research found it doesn’t matter if a woman is a CEO or a stay at home […]

The Welfare Queen Fallacy

This week the State of Arizona announced a one year, lifetime cap for welfare benefits. I’ve been listening to conservative talk radio commentators explain how this […]

Salvation Is

Salvation is a lot like falling in love. I first understood the love of Christ through my marriage. My husband is a great man. He loves […]

Does Marriage Work For Millennial’s?

I read an interesting article written by a sex columnist about why our generation can’t make marriage work. He had some good points, listing the hookup […]


Faith is a very personal topic for people. Most people believe in some higher power; be it God, Allah, Krishna, what have you. But faith doesn’t […]

21 Things I wish I knew at 21

1.) Pick a real major- I majored in communication. My degree and a class C drivers license and I am certified to drive a cab. 2.) Don’t […]

One for the Girls

Decent role models are hard to come by; thankfully, this generation of girls have three great ones to look up to: Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham and […]

Addiction and mental illness

What is crazy ? What does it look like? I saw Christopher Kennedy Lawford on the Today show back in a candid interview explaining addiction as […]