The Choice

I heard on the news this week a statistic that shocked me. 1-3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime. I had never known what […]

Quitting Smoking

So I did something I never thought I would do, I quit smoking. It was hard and I still get tempted sometimes. I finally reached the […]

Egypt overthrew their government again last week

 The remarkable thing isn’t that they have now ousted two of the most powerful groups in the Middle East in the name of freedom. The remarkable […]

God Gave Me You For The Ups and Downs

The picture to left is a personal picture of my husband. He’s my best friend. The best song ever written about marriage is God Gave Me […]

Hearing God

It seems for me when I’m down on my luck I have no problem hearing God or knowing what I am supposed to be doing. When […]

Getting Older

People say that there is nothing fun about getting older. I disagree. I partied in high school, did some crazy stuff, went to college got a […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

Next week I turn 25. From everyone I’ve talked to, 25 is a big deal. Apparently on the day I turn 25 I will wake up […]

Learning To Fail

My generation is lovingly referred to as the support ribbon generation. When we grew up the hot topic was self-esteem. Psychologist back in the day, were […]

Coming to Age In The Great Recession

I remember stories about my gr mother.  Everyone always teased her for being frugal. At a restaurant she would take extra napkins, bread and anything else […]